Kentucky Supreme Court Rules That Employers Can’t Force New Hires to Sign Arbitration Agreements

Last week, the Kentucky Supreme Court issued a very important decision for all employees in the State of Kentucky. The Supreme Court ruled that employers cannot require its employees to sign Arbitration agreements as a condition of being hired or maintaining their current jobs.
Ziegler & Schneider attorney, Shane Sidebottom, briefed the case and then successfully argued this very important issue before the Supreme Court.


Appeals Court Says NKY Agency Whistleblowing Policy Broke State Law

The Court of Appeals issued an Opinion that public agencies cannot require their employees to sign mandatory arbitration agreements as a condition of accepting employment with the public agency.  If the Supreme Court declines to hear further appeal, this Opinion will be binding and set the law for the entire Commonwealth.  Ziegler and Schneider attorney, Shane Sidebottom, wrote the brief and argued the case before the Court.


Attorney Shane Sidebottom Explains the Kentucky Whistle Blower Act (KRS 61.102, set eq.)

What is the Kentucky Whistleblower Act (KRS 61.102, set eq.)

Decades ago, the Kentucky Legislature decided to address corruption in state and local government and passed a law that protected employees who reported wrongdoing in public agencies and who were then retaliated against for those good faith reports. The law has been revised and modified over the years by the Legislature and the Courts, but the basis premise that the Kentucky Whistleblower Act has a remedial purpose in protecting public employees who disclose wrongdoing, remains the same.

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