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The United States immigration system is complex and the road to becoming a citizen is not an easy one. Even minor mistakes can have the devastating effect of derailing your progress toward citizenship and potentially limiting your ability to pursue citizenship in the future.

The experienced attorneys of Ziegler & Schneider can help protect you and your family during the immigration process, helping to avoid mistakes that could cost you time and or money. After clearly explaining all of your options, your attorney will make recommendations on the correct immigration status for you and your family to pursue. Your attorney will assist you in completing and submitting all of the necessary paperwork and will speak on your behalf to US Citizenship and Immigration Service, US Department of State, National Visa Center, or US Department of Labor.

Our Immigration & Naturalization Attorneys regularly handle cases with the Department of Homeland Security and keep up to date on the latest developments in the laws that can affect your case. If issues arise, appeals will be filed immediately with the Board of Immigration Appeals, Administrative Appeals Office, and or US Federal Court.

Learn how the Z&S Immigration Attorneys can help you and your family obtain and maintain citizenship.

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Our Immigration & Naturalization Attorneys provide assistance with many issues involving immigration, including:

  • Advising immigrant clients of criminal conviction consequences
  • DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)
  • Fiancé Petitions
  • Naturalization Petitions (Citizenship)
  • Permanent Resident Applications (Green Card)
  • Family Based Visas
  • Employment Based Visas

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Matt (Smith) was friendly and professional.  The office staff were helpful and friendly.  I would certainly recommend and use the firm’s services again.

—Client Review

I’ve known Jeff (Blankenship) for many years.  When I started going through my divorce, he was the first I reached out to.  To my surprise, his first advice was to try to repair the marriage, if at all possible.  Unfortunately, that was not an option, but Jeff stuck by my side and helped me through all the emotional and financial burden that a divorce can place on you.  He was even able to get creative with the payment options, which was an enormous help in such a financially stressful time.  Our friendship has only grown from this experience, and we continue to work together even though my divorce is finalized.

—Client Review

Awesome attorneys! Staff is superb. Could not ask for any better!

—Therese Duignan

Matt (Smith) helped my mother update her estate documents following a series of medical issues.  He was kind, patient, and compassionate.  He listened to her desires, clearly explained her options, and prepared the requested documents in a timely manner.  He reviewed exactly what was being implemented with direct and understandable language.  My mother was pleased with Matt’s caring professionalism and that her end-of-life wishes would be honored.

—Bill Noggin



By:  Shane C. Sidebottom If you are a U.S. Citizen or Lawful Permanent Residence of the United States (have a “Green card”), you may be able to file an I-130 petition with USCIS for an overseas...

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